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strange strange dreams...

I had one of those epic dreams last night, that must've spanned several hours and even more settings. I remember little bits and pieces, but it somehow involved my father, a huge sprawling video arcade (more Dave & Buster's than Chuck E. Cheese, but very sleek and futuristic), several islands, transport by wheeled luge-like devices in dedicated tunnels (LUUUUUUUGE!), pet rabbits being brought to said islands, enormous multileveled wooden queues with lots of ramps that wound around and around a Myst-like setting, twenty-something "counselors" that were seeking long term employment, telekinesis, and a post-apocalyptic dystopian future involving a strange cult-like religion that was recruiting on the weird Myst-queue island, and that I was trying to rebel against. Oh, and Batman (well, more specifically, I think Health Ledger's Joker was running around somewhere)

Yeah. Weird.
Tags: brain droppings, dreams, navel-gazing, rabbits, storytime, terribly mysterious

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