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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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deep thought from near 4am
izzard it makes no sense
Is a failed utopia any better than an inadvertent dystopia? Can anyone tell the difference? IS there a difference?

Noodle on that!

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Okay. I'm a HUGE lurker on this cybernet thing, but one of the few things to get me talking is word quibbling. You may not have intended as such but once the monkey's out of the cage, he's gonna throw some poop and break things before you get him back in. The words utopia and dystopia on their own are absolutes at opposite ends of the spectrum. On an imaginary scale that I'm making up right now, a utopia is a 10 and a dystopia is a 0. A failed utopia would be any society under 10. Quibbling my own quibble: Specifically, a failed utopia is either a plan to create a utopia that does not achieve its targeted result or a society that achieves utopia but then falls apart somewhere. An inadvertent dystopia is a society (or societal plan) that accidentally and/or unintentionally reaches the bottom of the barrel. On my numeric scale from above, it is still a 0, albeit one reached through random factors and/or mismanagement. You can take a softer view of of these words and say they spread across a margin of our scale, but the point still stands that as antonyms, their margins will not intersect. All this being said, the answers to your questions:

Chances are that yes, a failed utopia IS better than an inadvertent dystopia. This is most definitely the case as an abstract question as the worst you can do with a failed utopia is equivalent to the inadvertent dystopia, and everything else is better.

I can tell the difference.

Yes there is a difference (except for the small cross section where there's not).

Only a tiny overlap on their Venn Diagram, eh?

Fair enough. I was delirious with lack of sleep when I wrote it, so I really didn't expect an answer, much less one as cogent as yours.

Well said, sir!

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