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on intriguing drinks to sample this summer

I periodically save interesting cocktail recipes that I stumble upon in Google Reader, with the intention of "one day" trying them out. Well, being the geek that I am, I'm particularly interested in the more esoteric ones, with ingredients that are hard, nay, nearly impossible to find, and thus require making your own. This is why my refrigerator currently has pimento dram (allspice liqueur) mellowing away in the back, along with raspberry shrub (a Colonial New England drink base made with white wine vinegar as a preservative), homemade grenadine, and a syrup for flavoring and sweetening drinks made from Demerara sugar and maple syrup.

One of the drinks I chanced upon sounds quite intriguing; an heirloom tomato martini. I'd likely leave out the pickled tomatoes that the recipe suggests, not having the patience for pickling and not being fussy about garnishes, but the rest sounds easy and quite refreshing for the summer: Take a heirloom tomato, cut it into chunks, throw it in cheesecloth, put the cheesecloth in a strainer over a bowl and gently squeeze it periodically over the course of a few hours. Then take a half ounce of that heirloom tomato "water" and mix it with about 5 1/2 ounces of gin (not vodka! that's boring!), shake with ice and strain. Now, I'd go for a gin with some interesting botanical notes, like maybe a Citadelle or even a Hendricks, though if I was using Hendrick's, I'd probably replace an ounce of it with vodka, just so it wouldn't overwhelm the tomato.

The odd thing is, I'm not a fan of tomato juice, and I can't even begin to find the appeal of a Bloody Mary, but this? This sounds nice. And it's drinks like this that make me wish I could just open a nice little artisanal bar that serves good drinks, either novel or classic, that put more emphasis on good ingredients and good crafting than on just serving up 13 drinks for giggly sorority girls in 2 minutes flat. Any investors? :)

I'm going through the cocktail recipe's I've saved in Google Reader and adding them to my shared items. The link to those is below, if you want to peruse them.

Shared Google Reader items. Mostly cocktails, some filler.

Or, you can see ALL the stories I've saved while nosing through my feeds in Google Reader by clicking here.
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