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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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I dunno what my problem is lately...
obama yes we can has
...but I've found myself getting choked up over the damnedest things. Passages from books, lyrics in songs, and now, watching "A Proportionate Response" from the first season of "The West Wing," the last exchange of the episode made me grin even though something apparently flew into both my eyes...sand or something, I dunno. I guess it's just the events of the 20th...
Charlie Young [freshly appointed Personal Aide to the President, in awe]: I've never felt this way before...

Josh Lyman [Deputy Chief of Staff]: It doesn't go away...
I've never felt this away about a presidential administration before, and I hope it doesn't go away for at least eight years.