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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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ah...I have a return to normalcy.
alcohol, booze
Kiwi the rabbit is now eating and pooping normally, as well as binkying, and hopping up by my mother on the couch. That is a tremendous load off my mind. Those of you who know me IRL, and even some of those of you who don't, know that I'm a big softie for animals, and my bunnies are like my kids...I want to make sure they're happy and well...and when they're not, I feel helpless until they are.

I am now having a classic, and I do mean classic martini. 7 parts gin to 1 part extra dry vermouth, with three dashes of orange bitters, shaken and served up. I even stuck the glass in the freezer for two hours beforehand. I've been itching for one since I got my orange bitters, but I didn't have any gin. Well I solved that conundrum tonight when I found a 1.75 L bottle of New Amsterdam Gin for $12 after mail in rebate. Score.

However...I was trying to make it resonably portioned, aiming at about 12 mL of vermouth and 84 mL of gin (I used my digital kitchen scale...I'm a geek, what can I say?), but I slightly overpoured... so it wound up being 16 mL of vermouth and 112 mL of gin. So I've got a big ass martini, over 4 1/4 oz of pure, glorious booze. Good thing I chilled the glass, it's gonna need it.

In related news, I'd still love to open a little cocktail lounge. See several posts ago for details. 'Twould be great fun.