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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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I knew it was rotten!
set fire to the room
Measurable amounts of mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup.

"How much," you ask? Well, dental amalgam filling gives you about 1 microgram per day, and (in Canada at least) dentists recommend against giving kids amalgam fillings because of the mercury content. Someone who eats a lot of HFCS, like say, a kid who guzzles Coke but also eats a NutriGrain bar to ease mom's mind, could get as much as 28 micrograms per day.

Oh yeah, and the FDA and USDA knew about it 4 years ago, but because under Dubya they were so friendly with the industries they were supposed to be monitoring, nothing was done, natch.

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Oh DAMN, and people roll their eyes at me when I tell them I avoid it where I can! Stealing this article.

I already had my boxers in a bunch because of the Corn Refiners Association commercials airing on the freakin' Food Network, but now with this, I'm thinking if it hits the major media outlets, no amount of PR is gonna save them.

Know any reporters? :)

No, but I'm putting that bitch up on my Facebook. I know people who know reporters, lol.

... I'd read up on the refining process a while back, and it looked like it had potential to be dirty (similar to some decaffeination methods and other food processing/refining techniques).

It's already bad enough that it's insanely cruel to the body on its own. Artificial hunger and screwing with blood sugar...

But people aren't smart. There's a world of evidence to suggest cutting the sugars out of your diet. I have to doubt a few µg of a toxic substance are going to scare them off.

happily, even before this there's been a backlash against HFCS, thanks in no small part to Michael Pollan's books, I'm sure. The Corn Refiners are already playing defense, trying to put out fires with their little commercials... and what's ironic is that HFCS is only more cost-effective than cane sugar because of corn subsidies and sugar tariffs.

I would dearly love to see companies 1.) switch back from HFCS to actual sugar and 2.) consumer products with LESS sugar added, just to stop things from being made pablum-sweet across the board.

but then again, I'm a foodie, so my desires are out of step with mainstream consumers anyway.

I'm way out of step, too. It's amazing how far popular diet/consumption mythology (I refuse to call it wisdom) deviates from science.

Interesting fact regarding sweeteners: stevia, generally recognized as safe, natural, and without any known ill effects, was banned as an additive (but not "dietary supplement") after an anonymous complaint (still unnamed after multiple FOIA requests). So instead of a natural, cheap, and namely unpatented sweetener, we get the junk instead.

In any case, it'd be awesome if our culture would get over its sugar gluttony and love for food that, simply put, isn't.

But then I guess we wouldn't need all these wonderful processing companies. Awww :(

Edited at 2009-01-30 03:47 am (UTC)

I've been avoiding HFCS when possible, but holy shit. That's really scary!

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