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Strange how much breathing room I feel I've got, despite unemployment...

Now, I don't want to gloat, and I still can honestly say I'd rather be gainfully employed than collecting money for applying for two jobs a week, but thanks to my IRS refunds, I'm actually in a non-financially-freak-out-able place (like that neologism?) I went on a tiny little spending spree. Less than $100 spent on unnecessary things, but it's enough to make me very happy (oh, and another $50 in charitable contributions...if I'm getting helped out by Uncle Sam, the least I can do is pay some of it forward).

I bought a few things from Amazon...Two books from Disney Imagineering, a DVD copy of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," and a 7-port USB hub (which has a $10 mail-in rebate on it). I bought a $20 bottle of rye whiskey, and a "declawed" Cue:cat scanner, the better with which to enter books into the copy of Delicious Library I got for half price thanks to a coupon code.

I'm also waiting on my new computer desk, which should be arriving on Friday, but I consider that essential, as my current desk is a hunk of crap.

In the meanwhile, I've been slightly spoiling the rabbits, and reading, and surfing the web, and Twittering, and just generally chilling, in addition to the job searching. I've got a new, specially ordered 50 lb box of hay at the pet supply store waiting for me, but mom's out of town with the larger car, and I don't think it'd fit in my Ford Escort ZX2 it'll have to wait a little bit.

I've been strangely on edge, though, reading all the self-proclaimed pundits shouting themselves hoarse that Obama's a failure (after 15 days in office, mind you). Meanwhile the Repubs are demanding "bipartisanship," apparently mistaking the Dems' lack of cowering in fear and doing everything the Repubs demand (which, as we've seen, have utterly and completely failed in the past) as being partisan. One thing they've shown, wanting America to be on solid financial and social footing is a partisan issue, one in which Congressional Republicans find themselves on the wrong side. As I told roolet, all of this has left me wanting to line up all the morons in the country and run down the line, smacking them all upside the head with my outstretched arm. It'd take years, but it'd be so satisfying. She suggested I needed more sun exposure, the better to change my outlook. Since it's supposed to approach 50º here this weekend, I may take her suggestion.

Other than that, things have been pretty uneventful. What's new with all of you?
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