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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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ever have a sandwich that made you feel like you just slept for eight hours?
I just made the BEST. SANDWICH. EVAR.

Sourdough, sliced Campari tomatoes on one slice, Red Leicester cheese with a dash of Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle on the other, each half toasted face-up, and then topped with baby spring mix and the two halves slapped together.

It is for meals like this that I need an "om nom nom" LJ icon...
EDIT: So I created an "om nom nom" icon.

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I got the sourdough, the Red Leicester, the tomatoes and the spring mix at my friendly neighborhood Costco...if you're inclined to make it yourself.

It's not cost effective for me to have Costco membership, unfortunately.

I did make a killer turkey chili though from this recipe:


I didn't have any kale so I just added more beans.

Ooh! I might replace the kale with spinach, but that looks and sounds pretty damn tasty.

If you want to try the sandwich and you can't find Red Leicester, and you don't feel like going through a Monty Python routine with your local cheesemonger (what a fun word!) you could use a nice sharp cheddar...Red Leicester is just cheddar with a little more of a tang.

Yeah, I think they even mention they use spinach when kale is not available. I'm thinking about planting some on my own (such a hippie now) but I don't think I have the patio space!

Good to know...I do loves me some cheddar, om nom nom. Unfortunately my cheesemonger is Trader Joe's, so if they don't have it I won't get it.

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