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I don't know that I've ever put this down...

And really, only theatre geeks will know what the hell I'm talking about...

There's several roles that, were I actually active in theatre still, I'd love to play. Since I'm not especially active in theatre, it seems exceedingly unlikely that I'll play them, but still, a guy can dream.

• Mr. Applegate (the devil) in "Damn Yankees"
• John Barrymore in "I Hate Hamlet"
• John Adams in "1776"
• Henry in "The Lion in Winter" (although I'm way too young right now. I have played him in a few scenes for student directors in college, though)
• George in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
• Jonathan Waxman in "Sight Unseen" (I did a cold reading of this role for a Chicago area theatre group that was trying to pick their next season. They wound up not doing it, but I think the read was some of the best acting I ever did.)

So. If any of my theatre peeps out there decide to direct or produce one of these shows, do let me know when auditions are, won't you?

 Yours, Yours, Yours by Brent Spiner and Linda Emond from 1776: The New Broadway Cast Recording
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