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well, once again, I inadvertently left LJ out in the cold on this...

I put it on Twitter, and I put it on Facebook, but I didn't put it here!

I was playing around with Picasa 3 for Mac, and discovered something fun you can do with the "Collage" function.

I overlaid 62, 198, and 482 photos together, respectively, to create these really cool, minimal, ethereal, almost mineral looking wallpapers for computers. The first is a collection of low level fireworks from my Florida vacation in 2008, the second is made from all the photos I took in Southern California in 2007, and the third is made up of ALL the photos I took on the Florida trip. Then I went and resized them for almost every sort of display out there.

So for your aesthetic sensibilities, I direct you all to my DeviantArt page for 62 Fireworks, California Moonstone, and Mineral Shade. You can click the thumbnail to embiggen, and then click Download at the left if you want the zip file.

And thus endeth my shameless pimping.
Tags: computers, techno-joy

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