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I'm a little disappointed in them...

The Chicagoist blog has 9 images up of the Shedd Aquarium's Oceanarium, currently being renovated, and due to open at the end of May...there's a lot of stuff to like, but then I got to the rendering of the new Marine Mammal presentation, and, well...

The conceit, even if it was just a pretense, of the old marine mammal presentation at the Shedd was that it was an opportunity for the staff to work with and learn from the animals. It wasn't anything really extravagant, but everyone likes watching dolphins and beluga whales jump around and breach... Now, however, they've added lighting effects, and some sort of panorama from the looks of things, and it seems much more "Hey, look at us, we're like Sea World too, kids!" Frankly, it seems more exploitative than it did, and I'm not a big fan of moving in that direction simply because they think it puts butts in the seats...when I worked there, the Marine Mammal presentations were inevitably SRO, so I think a change of this sort is unnecessary.

But that's just my 2¢, and I'll withhold final judgment on the matter until I actually see one of the new shows there.
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