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Part ferret, part bunny, part intergalactic gene splicing experiment gone wrong, and just a dash of sociopath, Chris is everyone's favorite geek. Well, maybe not everyone's...
Strengths: Cute and fluffy, able to make leaps of logic in less time than an Apple IIe, rich in LDL ("good") cholesterol, and available in pine fresh scent.
Weaknesses: Disney, chocolate, italian food, geek-proofing, and cute widduw fwuffy aminals.
Special Skills: Paperweight extraordinaire, professional snugglebunny, and non-denominational confessional.
Weapons: biting sarcasm, rapier-like wit, arsenal of confusing personalities and voices, and the fear-inducing power of his Ennui of Doom
Allies: Bacon (aka Muffin the Vampire Baker), Kay-Shu, Beav, Berg, Tuff, Miguelito, and small furry animals everywhere. Especially blue six-armed ones from outer space

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