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the new graphics tablet is here!
i can't remember my legs, caffeine, strong sad
which means I'll take requests again for completely random drawings.

I've done a few doodles and a piece lampooning modern art (I called it "MODЯEN ART" and put a bunch of Styx references in it) which I suppose I could post if you all want to see some self-indulgent wankery and fun with wacky brushes...

So. Any takers?

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What can you draw? Wanna do a character portrait for me for an RPG?

I'm not terribly good at actual people...I can do animals just fine, but if you're looking for photorealism (or even Dick and Jane style humans) I'm definitely not your guy... I mean, I'll be happy to give it a shot, but it may end up totally sucking. :)

You should do a toon-y self portrait for an LJ userpic for yourself.

Shark versus bear versus velociraptor.


I didn't forget about this! I started work on it tonight, and I'll pick up again after EarthHour wraps up. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised...

and it's up on my main LJ page. enjoy! :D

I can has eljay theme? Involving hats. More via IM if you're interested.

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