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Your latest lesson in mixology...

Tonight's drink is another one that I modified from a classic...the base recipe is the Metropole, named after a rather, erm..."colorful" hotel in New York City that went bankrupt in July, 1912. Normally, this one contains an ounce and a half each of brandy and dry vermouth, a dash of orange bitters and 2 dashes of Peychaud's bitters (they're big in New Orleans, as they're a staple in a classic Sazerac).

The problem is, I had only an ounce remaining of my dry vermouth, and no brandy. So I subbed bourbon for the brandy, still used equal measures of each (so an ounce) and bunged in a half ounce of lemon juice.

It's not bad. It's not very well balanced, but it's definitely drinkable. It's pretty understated and dry (not to mention weak, as there's less than a full shot of hard liquor in there) but the lemon juice and Peychaud's make it almost martini-like in its dryness. It's, oddly, almost British in its austerity, but there's a little tickle of spice in the back of the mouth from the bourbon. It's an interesting concoction. All that being said, it's still nowt more than a glorified Whiskey Sour. The addition of the Peychaud's and vermouth keep it from being too sweet, and make it interesting, is all.

I almost think I should start a little Blogspot thingy on all the various drinks I've tried over the years...could be interesting.
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