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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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too good not to share...
oh that's right I went there
Via Bill in Portland Maine

[Hello. Welcome to RecessionScrubber Pro 2.0. Press any key to begin.]


[Which economy would you like to fix?]

{United States}

[Configuring Parameters for United States. One Moment Please...]

[Replacing Treasury Secretary module with Krugman/Stiglitz module]

["Party of No!" virus detected]
["Party of No!" virus removed]

[Installing Wall Street BonusBlaster Pro]

[1,246 undeserving Wall Street bonuses detected and removed]

[Installing Mortgage Rate Adjustment Pro. One Moment Please...]

[Mortgages Adjusted]

[Your Target Unemployment Rate?]


[One Moment Please...]

[Unemployment Rate is now 3.5 percent]

[Would you like to install Employee Free Choice Act?]


[Employee Free Choice Act installed]

[RepublicanWhinyBaby.exe worm detected]
[RepublicanWhinyBaby.exe worm removed]

[Would you like to electrify Bernie Madoff's prison toilet seat?]


[Bernie Madoff's prison toilet seat is now electrified]

[Re-Installing Federal Oversight Pro 2.0]
[Installing Education Module]
[Installing Green Energy Module]
[Installing Infrastructure Module]
[Installing Universal Health Care Module]

[Please swipe credit card and press Enter]


[United States economy restored! Press any key to continue]


[Now may we interest you in some fine American online pornography?]