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Some folks need to build a bridge and get over themselves., among other sites, is abuzz with news of the Obamas adopting a dog. Long story short, it's a Portuguese water spaniel, returned to the breeder for reasons unknown, and a good choice, as one of the girls has allergy issues and this breed is hypoallergenic.

Well, a great hue and cry went up already about how breeders (all breeders, apparently, at least to hear these people tell it) are horrible horrible people that keep their dogs in appalling conditions and exploit the poor little doggies for ugly profit. Now I don't deny that there are breeders who do just that. HOWEVER. Dog breeder != puppy mill for all values of dog breeder. Yes, there are dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted, and yes, it would have been preferable in a perfect world to adopt a shelter dog, but with allergy issues to take into consideration, this was not a bad choice.

I hate it when people go from 0 to hyperbole in no time flat.
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