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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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OK, here's my brilliant idea.
the system is down, the cheat, lightswitch rave
Municipalities, be they cities, towns, villages, hamlets, whatever, like to collect property tax, yes? And, if my mother is any indication, people are paranoid that new, green power generators coming online will jack up the cost of their utilities. Here's why that should be false.
• Solar, wind and, to a lesser extent, tidal power generation will require substantially less maintenance than coal, gas, etc.
• Solar, wind, and tidal power generation requires no cost-intensive mitigation program to undo the more deleterious effects of power generation that the coal and gas plants do.
• Solar, wind and tidal power generation does not require the utility company to pay for the inputs of power generation. No one has to buy sunlight, wind, or water.
• As existing plants are decommissioned, and green plants come online, the costs of upkeep, maintenance and mitigation can be redirected to more efficient green power generation. The initial bump in costs of construction of green plants will be more than offset long term by the decreased maintenance costs. Unless the power utilities have coal-black hearts (ok, I'll grant you that fact) costs to end users should be significantly reduced.
Yet many still worry that their monthly utilities will be much higher. So here's my idea. Take a small percentage of the property taxes that are earmarked for infrastruture, and use them to create a local, municipally-operated green power plant and grid. Sell the locally-generated power, run by an ad hoc local utility, not one of the big boys, back to the community at a reduced rate. It'll create local jobs, and it will diminish the bully-power of the big utilities. You can even sell surplus power to them, much like homeowners with personal solar or wind generators can.