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too many social networks! Gah!

half the time I forget what I posted where! Did I put it on Twitter? Facebook? Friendster? No wait, I cancelled Friendster, so forget that. I gotta call my mother! I gotta call my lawyer! Nah, forget my lawyer.

*He doesn't even have a lawyer!*

Go away, Jim Gaffigan Inside Voice!

*Oh, now he's talking to himself!*

Anyway. I'm auditioning either tomorrow or Thursday (but most likely tomorrow) for unpaid but fun-sounding community theatre show. I did a show with the same group and director in the summer 2007, and had a great time, so I figure what the hey, it's not like I'm gainfully employed anyway! Might as well go for it!

So if you could keep me in your thoughts the next few days, and send mojo my way, i'd be much obliged.


*Oh, now he's speaking German! Very weird!*

Shut up, you!
Tags: acting, theatre

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