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arm issues

A week ago I went to the Blood Center of Wisconsin with the intent to donate a couple units of double-red cells. I'm O+ so while I'm not a "universal donor," I can donate to anyone with a positive Rh factor. Well, something went amiss, and when the machine started to return the plasma and citrine (an anticoagulant) back into the vein, it hurt. A lot. Like a deep bone/muscle pain. We think the needle stick must've gone amiss, and the plasma was going back out around the needle and into the surrounding tissue.

Well, we at least got one unit out of me, so it wasn't a total wash. However, my arm has been unusually tender for the last few days, and aching a bit, as well. It also doesn't help that this past week in rehearsal, we've been working a stunt wherein I have to put a fair bit of pressure on that arm. So I've got pretty bruises in a few spots (though most are starting to fade) but still, between the aches and the strange colors, it's been an unnerving week. Happily, the aches are fading as well.

Anyway, I figured I could tell you this story to make up for the utter lack of content lately.

In other, non-blood-donation-related news, I made a kickass chicken curry and served it over Balti seasoned potatoes this week, and found it to be delectable. I also caught the attention of the company that makes an ingredient I used in my Memorial Day cocktail blog post, and they liked what I did with their product.

I also have half a bag of cheese curds left, so I think I may nibble on a few of those after I finish my martini. Or maybe I'll just make another martini.
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