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Wooo! Road trip to day o' fun! Wooooo!

Tomorrow (well, technically today) I'm headed to Madison to hang out with renface, her sister-in-law, and various and sundry others that may show up. You see, Ren's husband Brice, to commemorate D-Day, hosts an Axis and Allies game that lasts all freakin' day, and while I did play D&D in my younger days, I will be attending to help Ren keep what little remains of her sanity. So we're gonna gallavant around Madison and do stuff.

I look forward to it! For now, I will sip my discount bourbon and try to make "The Yiddish Policeman's Union" capture my attention, though it's not done too well so far. Shrinking attention span and all that.
Tags: books, road trip

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