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Interesting encounters with Bombus vagans

So, I've got bees.

Rather, there's a crack between the concrete slab of the driveway and the front step, and there seem to be bees living in there, for I see them descend into it. They are not honeybees, for they are dark and fuzzy, and after some googling, it appears they are Bombus vagans, the half-black bumblebee.

I was moving a couple of top-heavy plants back out from the garage to the front of the house, now that it's not super breezy and they are unlikely to topple, and one of the B. vagans started buzzing around. Now, I like bees, and even though I've never been stung, I'm not particularly afraid of them. I know that the odds are good if I don't do something to piss them off, I'll be just fine. (Wasps and hornets are another story entirely, though. Hate those guys!)

Well, this circling Bombus decides that I merit further investigation, and it lands on my head. Then it takes off again, heads straight for my face and lands on my nose. It the proceeds to walk around my nostrils for what feels like an eternity, buzzing all the while, and then takes off again. But it comes at my face again, and I dodge it a few times, and then walk *swiftly* into the garage, close the door, and step back inside, hoping that I can forget that buzzing...that horrible, horrible buzzing.

It was like some sort of strange Fellini moment, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Either the bee decided that I was some sort of special flower, or Nature decided it was time to pollinate my face.

EDIT: Here's a photo of the species in question, snapped on Tuesday the 21st.
It's only one bee, so it's not really *covered* in bees...
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