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the care and raising of the suburban house-rabbit

on Monday I need to call my local rabbit-savvy vet and make appointments for Kiwi and Lily to get check-ups and nail trims. In the expectation that this will not be a cheap endeavor, I've moved a bunch of money from savings to checking.

I fear Kiwi may have to endure an otoscope up the schnozzle, as he seems to sneeze periodically, but is otherwise asymptomatic of pasteurella...I fear he has, perhaps, a bit of some foreign body lodged in his nose, poor boy.

I'll have to thoroughly spoil them when they return from the ordeal.

On the college news front, it appears that MU's gotten my high school transcript, but not my college transcript. This seems to suggest that I'll not be eligible for fall semester, but we'll see, I suppose.
Tags: bunny, college, critters, rabbits

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