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so, yes...iPod angst.

On Monday night my iPod touch, to put it bluntly, shat the bed. Got itself stuck on the Apple logo that appears at startup, and wouldn't advance past that. I tried (about eight times) wiping it down to the bare bones firmware and restoring it, but it kept croaking, at some point or another, at the logo. Gah.

On Tuesday, after my orientation for my new job, I stopped at the Apple Store down the highway from me, in the hopes I could get it looked at/fixed/replaced. Ha ha ha! Silly plebe! Don't you know the Geniuses at the Genius Bar are much to busy to see you today!

So Thursday morning at 10:15, I get to go convince them that the latest firmware update is what started this whole mess rolling, and that, since it was installed while the iPod was still covered under the 1-year warranty, that even though it's now about two weeks past that, they should still replace it if they can't repair it.

Here's hoping!

Oh, and in work news, as I said, Tuesday I had orientation, Wednesday I shadowed someone on an after-school activity, and Thursday evening I'm headed down to shadow some more at a special event on Milwaukee's East Side, near the restaurant I used to work at. Perhaps I'll stop by there afterwards and see if I still know anyone working there. Friday I have a meeting down at Mad Science HQ, and Saturday I'm shadowing a birthday party here in Grafton that Mad Science is working. Busy busy busy.
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