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So...we've gotten through the first week of work.

It involved lots of driving. I went down to Oak Creek at least three times last week, which is not an insignificant's about 68 miles, round trip. I also went down to the East Side, just blocks away from the restaurant I used to work at. Then again, I also went to assist at a birthday party that was just about 12 blocks away. Things seem to be going ok...I'll be assisting at two after-school presentations this week, and then I'll be actually giving one (with assistance) on Thursday. A little week, I've got a second one all by myself, and then I'll be in charge of two four-week sessions at two different schools. I'll also be deep into rehearsal, as we open this show on the 16th. Seems like a short rehearsal period, but happily I'm only onstage for about 15-20 pages all told, so it's not too bad for me.

Still...things are getting cuckoo-bananas in a hurry. Great googly moogly.

Oh, and since I never posted the resolution on the iPod situation...the Genius Bar dude, who was awesome, tried restoring the firmware with a soopa-sekrit Apple Store technique, which also failed and froze on the Apple logo, so they replaced my iPod. It works better than the old one ever did...syncs faster, holds a charge better...I'm very happy, and I called the Apple Store that night and left a message with my name and my case number, telling them that the Genius who helped me was awesome and that he should be made president or something. Ok, I didn't go that far, but I did say I was extremely happy with the help I received and that the credit should go to the Genius.
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