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Lazy day.

Yesterday I had the first stumble-through rehearsal to get the current show on its feet. Went pretty well, all things considered. I think I only flubbed two lines, and I was off book, so that was good (my part's not huge, but it is important.) We start individual act run-throughs on Monday, with a full run-through on Thursday. Then tech week and opening. Whee!

Today we went out for a very late breakfast (but no crowds elbowing each other in the buffet line...because the buffet's gone by the time we go) and then went to Sendik's for milk and a Sunday paper. While there, I found an absinthe glass and a tulip whiskey glass for $2 apiece, so I snapped those up. One can always use more glassware if one runs a booze blog.

Two instructing gigs this week; and two assists, one of which is a birthday party in Mequon. This week's subjects are Robots and Detective Science. I'll be looking over the curricula and making notes this evening and tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow, we're most likely going to hit the matinee showing of the Toy Story double feature in 3D...looking forward to that!

And that's about all I've got for now.
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