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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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Yay for stuff...
i am a king prawn ok?
So. Wednesday night, went to a Hiney Flu Shot clinic my county health department was throwing. Got the Hiney Flu vaccine. Feel a little tired, but otherwise just ducky. (For those of you with strange looks on your face...Hiney flu = H1N1).

Thursday AM, had my face to face interview with the natural foods place. Seemed to go well.

Today, did kit exchange for Mad Science, picked up materials for the next two weeks, as there's no kit exchange next Friday, being the Day of the Turkey Coma in the US. Also managed to leave without getting my paycheck. Emailed bosses to ask them to mail it. Also talked to my dear friend Tuffet in LA, who just had lunch with someone who works at Disney Animation. She got a tour of the Animation building in Burbank, and rubbed John Lasseter's nameplate for luck. No, that is not a euphemism. She has challenged me to come up with three elevator pitches for animated series for her, by next week. Could be interesting.

Tonight, reading by the bunnies.

Next week, getting the last ingredients for Thanksgiving with renface and company. Need to get apple cider, new bottle of lemon juice, some oranges, ginger beer, and possibly some grade B maple syrup, although I think the stuff I have, even though it's grade A, will work just fine. Two Mad Science gigs, and then some free time. Hopefully I'll hear back from the natural foods store, as well.

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Grade B is richer in flavor, comin' from a girl whose relatives made maple syrup... Grade A is the highest clarity and lightest color. I'm a dork.

We did some grocery shopping last night, and two people told us there's a pumpkin shortage. Hmm...

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