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useless updates.

I have decided that from here on out, I shall refer to former president George Dubya Bush as "President Ethelred the Unready." It makes me giggle every time.

Also, I will be headed to Chicago this weekend for my dear friend Andrew's birthday. He will be 33, the same age as Christ when he was crucified. Andrew works in a scene shop. I have warned him to be careful around nails for the next year.

I'm feeling very sacrilicious tonight, and I love it. Something something something Dark Side.

Don't think I mentioned it here, but my Auntie Bella (my mom's brother's second wife, for those keeping track at home) makes teddy bears and has practically written the book on fabric felting as an art form. She's planning on rolling out some patterns with accompanying DVDs, and guess who has two thumbs and is her photographer/videographer? That's right, babies. Me. So she had me do some research and pick out and order a camcorder that would be ideal for recording various processes that I can edit down to DVD form. Part of the reason I got that MacBook Pro...if I'm her contractor for DVD production and photography, I'm reasonably certain I can write the whole enchilada off as a business expense.

So I selected for the camcorder a Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH1A, which plays super nice with Macs, and can also be used as a 12-megapixel still camera. And what a camera! I took a sample photo to email Auntie Bella to give her a sense of just how nice this camera is, which you can see below. This is a teddy bear she made and gave me, which is awesome in and of itself. His name is Sam Gamgee, after the Hobbit.
Sam Gamgee Bear

And, as one last bonus to you, please enjoy a short story I wrote for It clocked in at exactly 1024 characters, the limit for that site. I decided to record it in a very hard boiled style and set it to a little Ken Burns-style photo montage.
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