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The obligatory Xmess haul post

This was a pretty spiffy Xmess, despite the relatively lean times. I got a nice new robe (it's got a can dunk it in the a toilet belt), some new boxers, some lounge pants, thermal underwear, two geeky new tshirts, Target gift card, mini moai heads, and books and DVDs...oh glory and trumpets, the books and DVDs...allow me to elucidate:

• "Tiki Modern" by Sven Kirsten
• "Bloom County: The Complete Library, Volume 1, 1980-1982" by Berke Breathed
• "Up" four disc Blu-Ray and standard DVD set
• "The Emperor's New Groove" DVD
• "A Wish for Wings that Work" DVD, a.k.a. the Opus and Bill Christmas special
• "The Dark Knight" DVD
• "The Three Caballeros & Saludos Amigos" DVD
• "Old Crow Medicine Show: Live at the Orange Peel and Tennessee Theatre" DVD

All in all, pretty damn cool, and all things I really could use and/or enjoy. And best of all, my family didn't drive me bonkers! Well, not completely, anyway.

As previously mentioned, mom got us an HDTV from Costco, considering it to be Grandpa's gift to us. We also picked up a cheap but decent Blu-ray player from Best Buy for $120. Tis the season for pretty images, I think, no? Next on my list, a receiver and some speakers, but those'll have to wait for a while, until I have money again.

Hope you got everything you wanted for Xmess, and got to spend time with people you actually care about, rather than those who are merely related to you (though if there's some overlap in those groups, more power to you).

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