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this week is going to be insane

I'm hitting the hay as soon as I finish this entry, because I've got a ludicrously busy week ahead of me, work-wise. It started with a birthday party today (at which the cotton candy machine failed to perform, and which I felt wretched about), continues with two special events tomorrow, one at 9am and one at 6:45 pm, and is followed by eight more events over the next five days. That's right; eleven Mad Science gigs in seven days. Egads. I have a very complex ballet of equipment exchanges and various supply stops choreographed for tomorrow morning, and I'll be getting up at 6am to commence it. First stop (well, first stop after the non-negotiable coffee fill-up), procuring about 20 pounds of dry ice.

So, goodnight for now.
Tags: mad science, work

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