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OK, so I didn't make my Chicken Kick tonight...

I made a frozen pizza. Tomorrow, when I don't have to go anywhere and don't have any gigs to work, I'll make the Chicken Kick.

Oh! I ordered a bunch of sampler scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (they call them "Imp's Ears") and they arrived today. Here are the scents I got:
Elegba: The Spirit of the Divine Messenger, the Lord of the Crossroads, He Who Owns All Doors and Roads in this World. He is the intermediary between the Orishas and mankind, and stands at the intersection of humanity and the Divine. He opens all paths of communication, both mundane and Heavenly. His ofrenda contains coconut, tobacco and sweet, sugared rum.

Baron Samedi: A notorious voodoo priest, who eventually rose to become one of the funereal Guédés, alongside Baron Cimitère and Baron La Croix. He is a Guardian of the Crossroads: the pathways between our world and the realm of the spirits. As a Master of the Graveyard, he ensures that burial rites are performed with skill, and he helps ferry souls to the dark realm. In his honor, we have created this scent: our spin on traditional Bay Rum.

Lear: A regal, commanding scent, but poignant. White cedarwood, blue sage and bay leaf.

The Apothecary: Tea leaf with three mosses, green grass, a medley of herbal notes, and a drop of ginger and fig.

Nero: The pinnacle of power, poisoned by sin and indulgence - this is our homage to Classical Roman debauch. Rosemary, bay, pine and a touch of lemon.

Thanatopsis: A meditation upon death. Inspired by William Cullen Bryant's poem. A deep, solemn earthen scent containing pine, juniper and musk.
Yes, some of their descriptions are a bit morbid, but the scents are invariably great. All are very well balanced. Plus, they threw in two bonus Imp's Ears, one of which will be going to mom, but the other of which is also kinda interesting in a hippy-ish sort of way:
Ravenous: An utterly feral, thoroughly rousing perfume. Red patchouli sweetened by orange blossom.

Seraphim: A perfume sacred to the highest of the angelic hosts: calla lily, wisteria, white sandalwood, Damascus rose and frankincense.
So right now, I smell of Bay Rum. I like's got this faint tobacco leaf note to it, but it's also kind of sweet. It's really damn complex. I can't wait to try some of the other ones to see how they work out.
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