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Holy crud, I only posted once in March?!

I really don't have much to say, oddly enough. Still hoping to find some supplementary employment, as the Mad Science gig, while fun and all, really doesn't pay all that well, being part time.

I find myself looking at iPad coverage on the net with lust in my heart and moths in my wallet.

April Fools Day just isn't as much fun when you're an adult. Also not fun when you've got some sort of chest cold or something. Blargum. Stupid lung butter.

I have remarkably little to do this to go into work for a while tomorrow afternoon, run lines with one of my costars for the play, as we need some help on certain scenes. Other than that, I'm gonna try to round up some bits of costume from thrift stores and read. And try to stop drooling at iPad posts.

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