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izzard Just like Lawrence of Arabia
Wow. A whopping one participant. I guess everyone's moved over to Facebook and Twitter.

For the record, here are the four films that I screencapped for the previous post's competition:

1. Helvetica
2. The Road to Perdition
3. The History Boys
4. Chinatown
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I've only seen 1 of those, and apparently I didn't recognize it in screencap. Showin' off your movie knowledge... bah!

Ya, and I did the biggest project of my life last week and only you commented. I don't watch movies and it takes about 10 min for me to leave a single comment from here on the blackberry.

I haven't seen any of those movies, nor have I heard of them.

Sorry, the post wound up sounding more whiny and petulant than it did in my head. And I know you're not much of a movie person. Sorry if you took umbrage. Twas not my intent, O Website-Making Person!

Dammit, I've seen two of those, but I didn't recognize the screencaps! Tricksy, tricksy screencaps!

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