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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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Hi there! This is Eddie, your shipboard computer!
the system is down, the cheat, lightswitch rave
I've really been exceptionally lousy at posting here. Part of it is the lure of Facebook and Twitter, I'm sure. I'm pondering if I should turn the Twitter auto posting back on...probably not. Maybe I should just put a link to it in my sidebar.

Anyway. Tomorrow, well, technically today, I'm doing the same Mad Science program 3 times (it's called Harnessing Heat, and it involves the making of cotton candy, so I'll leave smelling like toasted sugar) and then, since I'm going to be in the area, I think I'll take the tour at Great Lakes Distillery. Very excited about that, as I'm gaga over their gin, I want to try their rum, and I've heard they're making rye. They know the keys to my heart, it seems.

Um, what else? I had another dialect coaching session on Wednesday, working with the same client to get her comfortable with an Irish dialect. David Alan Stern and I differ a bit on our Irish sound, as there's a few ideas he has that I think are WAY too stereotypical and/or wrong. Like making "never" or "devil" sound like "neever" or "deevil." As my old Voice and Diction teacher would say "Mm-hmm...no."

Ok, must go to bed now, as my first session is at 10am. Good night, all.
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For those of you who have never met Nan, that was fucking funny.

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