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not the day from hell so much as the day of major annoyances

Got up, went to work to get my equipment for this upcoming week, and discovered, joy of joys, I get to take the sound system for the even tomorrow. The sound system is large, bulky, complex, and usually useless, as I can project like whoa. But I take the sound system. I also find out that to stretch the program I'm doing tomorrow, I should just throw in some dry ice. Which means I need dry ice. I filch a little from the stuff that's heading to Summerfest tomorrow with Mad Science, and depart. Mom has ridden along with me, and while we're on the south side of Milwaukee, we go to the JoAnn craft store down by Southridge (the big mall on the south side).

As I'm making the final two turns into the parking lot, it feels like my tire mushes as though it's going flat. An HOUR AND A HALF LATER, we get back out to the car, having allowed that the dry ice has almost certainly sublimated and agreeing that I'll have to get some more tomorrow before driving up to Stevens Point, and the car decides to spring something new on me. I can back out of the parking place, but only if I gun the engine...otherwise it stalls out as though I'm not juicing the gas enough. But I am. Then I try to pull forward, and the car practically stands on the front two tires, but refuses to move forward. Several further attempts meet with the same result. So we call AAA and they call a tow service, and when he comes, he takes a peek and declares that we have a broken tie rod on the front right wheel. Joy.

So he tows the car up to Port Washington (about 30 miles, and our destination because my uncle the mechanic lives there) with us in the cab of the tow truck. Mercifully, he switches from some Limbaugh-wanna-be (as though anyone with a brain would want to be like that bloated sack of bleccch) to old school country, which is such a vast improvement we'd have to go through the "Powers of 10" video to describe the magnitude of the change.

Then we have to take grandpa's old truck from Port Washington to Grafton to get the Buick, which we then use to load the Mad Science materials into from the Ford, and then we go to get dinner. We headed to Sal's Pizza, as they know and love us there. And we arrived to discover they were closed. I was already at a low simmer at this point, and I nearly boiled over. So instead we went to Culver's. Again. The same as we did last night.

And then I couldn't find paperwork I needed when we got home (it got buried in the backseat) and nearly went postal again. But now I've had a shower and a Martini, and soon I will go to bed. So I can get up, get dry ice, and drive 134 miles one way to do a one hour show in Stevens Point. And then drive home. Joy.
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