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The obligatory xmess haul post

a soprano ukelele + chord book
"Walt Disney at the 1964 New York World's Fair" 5 cd set
Bloom County Library, Volume 3: 1984-1986
"Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog" on Blu-Ray
Tovolo giant ice cube trays (six to a tray, like 1.75 in.³ on each side, two trays of 'em)
Mickey silhouette ice cube tray
IceOrb ice making bucket (one can never have too much ice)
Mickey zip up hoodie, with the Mouse in his pie-eyed 1930's glory
A "Made By Firefly" sticker to put on my future new auto
"Spanish Inquisition" and "Miracle Max's" shirts from ThinkGeek

$25 Target gift card from my uncle.

And grandpa's paying me back for a sweet set of V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones I ordered with a discount code I got for being an Apple employee and completing a "test".

and as for what I gave, mom and I are going halvsies on a gun for my uncle for next year's hunting season. I got mom some Victorian Garden perfume oil made by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for the Mutter Museum, a spiffy transparent fountain pen, a copy of "The Princess Bride" on both Blu-ray and DVD (in the same case), a kind of northwoods-y nightlight made from a reclaimed bit of weathered fencepost, and a MacBook with a year of One To One membership.

Hope your holiday was awesome, too, gang. I know I rarely post on here, but I read it all the time!

Be well into the new year and beyond.
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