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o hai!

Sometimes I forget I still have a LiveJournal. Well, no, not really. I have a little thingy-thing that alerts me when my friends post, but I so seldom post myself that I occasionally feel a bit ashamed.

Anyway. things are good. work continues apace, and I'm feeling pretty comfortable in my role, all things considered, which is usually the point at which the wheels come off unexpectedly. we shall hope that is not the case this time.

I went to chicago a few weeks back, saw some friends i haven't seen in forever. Got some great news, got some not so great news, muddled through somehow. insert platitude here. I dunno. sometimes my posts seem a bit formulaic.

at any rate, I've got to trot along to bed. one more day of work, then a day off, then another two of work. what fun.

further bulletins as events warrant.
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