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izzard Just like Lawrence of Arabia
So here's a fun little story before i go to bed...about two weeks ago...pretty much exactly two weeks ago, plus or minus an hour, I was slicing up a cucumber with a mandoline for a cucumber martini. My ring finger on my right hand wasn't as far enough up on the cuke as I thought it was. SNIKT.

After the wound didn't stop bleeding with 20 minutes of solid pressure on it, I went to the ER and got three stitches put in.

Took 'em out myself this morning. Yeah, I'm a bad dude. *sniffs in a manly fashion*

Let's not mention that I got the wound slicing cucumber, OK?

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Hey, wrangling with a sharp object is manly.

Also, taking out your own stitches would be extra manly if you had used a Swiss Army knife by a campfire.

9 out of 10 women prefer their cucumbers intact.

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