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I felt rotten today. I woke up with my allergies mopping the floor with me...eyes swelling shut, nose stopped up, the whole megillah.

Called in to work, told my manager, the really fun and awesome one, that I'd not be making it in today, lest I sneeze on or freak out any unsuspecting customers. He sounded disappointed. I was disappointed. I always feel like I'm letting down my team when I need to call in.

Mercifully, an ice pack on the face and some more sleep later, my conditions improved. I'll be medicating heavily before bed tonight, but I think I'll make it through the next couple days with no issues.

If any of my co-workers see this (unlikely), I'm sorry I had to call in today. I blame the pollen, or whatever I scared up while mowing the lawn yesterday.
Tags: allergies, work

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