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Giving 'em what for

I had emailed my senators asking them to support Net Neutrality. My current jackass Republican Senator, Ron Johnson, he who cut a check to himself from his former company for $10 million in "deferred compensation" after racking up $9 million in bills getting elected, replied with this little gem.
Thank you for taking the time to write to me regarding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the issue of net neutrality.

On December 21, 2011, the FCC voted to adopt net neutrality rules regulating broadband Internet providers. The issue is whether the Internet will be controlled by government regulators or by private enterprise and consumers in a competitive marketplace.

The term "net neutrality" might sound good, but it is just a clever name for government control of the internet. If the government were to control the internet through FCC regulations, the overall result would be bad news not just for consumers but also for the economy as a whole. Investment in broadband today is one of the few bright spots of the economy, with providers expected to invest some $30 billion per year in private capital into their networks annually for the next five years, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. I will resist efforts by the government to control the internet.

I believe one of my most important duties as your Senator is to listen to the views of the citizens of Wisconsin and, in turn, communicate my views. I hope I have accomplished that with you.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your concerns with me on this issue. I apologize for any delay you have experienced in receiving this reply. Since taking office in January, my office has received over 180,000 pieces of correspondence. We are working hard to respond to your concerns in a timely manner.

Please feel free to contact me in the future with anything important to you or your family. It is an honor to serve you and the good people of Wisconsin.
So I replied to his reply with this:
Actually, Senator, it isn't just a clever name for government control of the internet, and if you had half a brain in your head, you'd realize how disingenuous it is to call it that. It IS, however, a way of saying that all data is created equal, and that telcos don't get to prioritize one bit over another because someone paid them more. It also is a way of reflecting that the government has in no small part funded the (entirely too slow) infrastructure build out that telcos have time and again shown their reluctance to engage in. I guess they're too busy buying entertainment companies.

You can better serve the good people of Wisconsin, Senator, by getting up off your knees and ceasing your fellating of big business at the expense of the taxpayers. The ones that actually pay their taxes and can't afford fancy accountants to help them avoid it. Or the ones that haven't blown $10 million paying back their former head's election expenses.
As you can see, I don't handle it well when a politician lies to my face. Especially when his lies are so transparently, blatantly, demonstrably wrong. Do your fucking homework, Johnson. Don't make your pet lobbyists do it for you.

I can't fucking believe Feingold lost to this sack of shit.
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