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oy gevalt.

I just wrapped up 8 days of work in a row. Some of you might be saying, "Pfft, big deal," but I would like to point out that eight 8-hour days of tech support in a row can take a pretty big toll on a person, especially in the environment in which I work.

So this past week has been pretty extreme for me, and I've honestly felt like I was coming close to burning out. I also realize, looking back, that I must've been kind of a jerk to some of my coworkers. I've apologized as best I can without making excuses, and I hope that I've not come across as too much of a wanker. Who knows…

I've got tomorrow (today, Tuesday) off, and then work two more days, and then another day off. I can't say how glad I am to have this eight day span behind me. I hope it's a long while until I have to deal with a block like that again.

 Never There by Cake from Prolonging the Magic (Rating: 5)
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