Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

Kiwi bun is not doing well today

He seemed to not be hopping normally, and my mom reported hearing a scrabbling sound last night at one point (she figured Lily, our other bun, had just found he way onto the hardwood floor and was freaking out). We took him to our vet, who initially thought it may be a broken back. Kiwi still has back leg mobility and normal nerve response to a pinch to his toe, so the doc prescribed steroids to keep the swelling on the spine down and antibiotics to fight secondary infections, and said we need to keep Kiwi confined so that he can't stand up or move wildly and further injure his back.

Now, though, it seems like we're seeing balance issues, making us wonder if it's not a back injury, but rather an inner ear infection. Fortunately, the same steroids and antibiotics will work on those, so that's good. Kiwi is in his litter/hay box in his Wabbitat right now, alternately munching on Hay and washing his face, occasionally losing his balance, poor boy. Please send some mojo his way.

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