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Tattoo you (who, me?)
aquarium tikis
Every now and then I consider getting a tattoo. And then I hem and haw and go "well, I really should lose some weight first" and "I need to find a design I like" and "My mother would probably kill me if she found out, regardless of the fact that I'm 31 and capable of making decisions like this on my own."

For a long time I thought about getting some sort of tiki related thing, but I could never really settle on something that I liked that would be reasonably priced (those shaded line drawings have GOTTA be expensive). But now I think I found one that's inside-baseball enough for me to like and to confuse most others, but still not completely obscure. It's the membership badge from the now-defunct Adventurers Club at Walt Disney World's now mostly-defunct Pleasure Island. It looks like this:

I honestly have no idea how much it would cost to get this done, but I'm pretty certain if I ever do get a tattoo done, it'll be of this.

 Waiting on a Friend by The Rolling Stones from Tattoo You (Rating: 5)

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You can always go by a shop, bring your design, discuss placement and ask for an estimate. Tattoo artists do this kind of consultation all the time. Do it!

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