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Addendum, as it's better to give than receive...

For those wondering, for mom I got new slippers as well, DVD of the lodges of America's National Parks with companion book, garnet earrings (her birthstone), a two strand bracelet with garnets and moonstone (my birthstone), new mittens made from felted sweaters (she lost hers), a garlic press (at her request), and the grand poobah present, a Zojirushi Bread Machine that she's been coveting for years.

For my friends at work, I gave the gift of having me as a bartender at their beck and call. I'll even bring the booze if I can (for smaller groups) or else I'll serve as a cocktail consultant and bartender for larger gatherings (they'll probably need to pony up for the bulk of the booze, but I'll do the dirty work and bring secret ingredients).

Oh, and renface got a bunch of Alton Brown goodies. :D

 I'll Be Home For Christmas by Banu Gibson with the New Orleans Hot Jazz from Putumayo Presents New Orleans Christmas (Rating: 0)
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