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Hey, LJ, long time no see. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I've been keeping tabs on you, even while I haven't posted myself.

I'm back in Wisconsin after spending 20 weeks in Northern California working at the Mothership as part of a career experience. What little I can say is that I was doing QA testing on Apple Retail Store Systems software. It. Was. AWESOME. And I very much want to go back there, permanently if possible.

But I'm back in my store, getting caught up on the myriad changes rolled out while I was away. Soon I'll be back at the grind, but with an ear to the ground, an eye to the future, and the hope that I'll get a phone call asking me to jaunt back out to Cali at the drop of a hat. I'll keep a bag ready to fill just in case.

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    I miss California tremendously. I'm working on getting back there permanently. That is all (for now).

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