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Shamelessly stolen from Flyskippy1

[Slept in your bed] Me. Who else?
[Saw you cry] Kay.
[Made you cry] Kay, but that was because of our she didn't really make me cry...I did that on my own, thank you.
[Spent the night at your house] Dan's Girlfriend's friend Rachel. She got the couch.
[You went to the mall with] Um...I think it was Adam at WTP
[Yelled at you] Um...dunno...Lisa, probably (Dan's gf...she's got major issues...I'm planning to destroy her emotionally)
[Sent you an email] nice guilt trip one from Mom.
[Said they were going to kill you] Dan, I think...all in jest, though

[Said "I love you" and meant it?] Yup
[Been to New York?] Notpe
[Been to Florida?] Oh hell es! Disney World! Many times over!
[California?] No'm
[Hawaii?] Yes, but not nearly recently enough
[Mexico?] Negatory
[China?] Very large, China. But no.
[Canada?] No, eh
[Danced naked?] Not that I recall...
[Dreamed something really crazy and then it happens the next day?] Happens more often than I can shake a stick at (Dang kids! Stay away from my begonias!)
[Stalked someone?] Nope...kinda illegal, not to mentiion out of character for me.
[Had a mud bath?] NSounds messy
[Wished you were the opposite sex?] Nope. it's awfully nice to have a penis....
[Had an imaginary friend?] Does it count if I speak for one of my plush animals?
[Math or English?] English
[What are you going to do after you finish this survey?] Chat with Kay a bit more and then go to bed, methinks
[What was the last food you ate?] Dark Chocolate Macaroon from Godiva Chocolatiers (Thank you, Cheryl!)
[Are you bored?] Vaguely
[How many buddies are on?] 8 our of 50
[Last noise you heard?] Clicking of keys, Winamp, and A&E in the background

[Last time you went out of the state] Christmas
[Lucky number] 13, cuz it's so counter-intuitive.
[Things you like in a girl/guy?] Brains...capacity for witty banter is v. important
[Do you have a crush on someone?] Not at the moment, no.
[Do they know?] The spooks know everything...FNORD!.
[Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?] Nope.
[What do you think of ouija boards?] I'm skeptical, but that doesn't keep me from avoiding them like the Plague
[What book are you reading now?] Fellowship of the Ring. Again.
[What's on your mouse pad?] Neoprene Rubber
[Favorite board game?] Pity I can't count Poker or Uno. Um, I'll go with Scrabble (Literati on Yahoo Games)
[Favorite magazine?] Popular Science.
[Favorite sound?] laughter
[Worst feeling in the world?] Loneliness/Unimportance
[What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?] Oy...
[Do you like scary or exciting roller coasters?] Yes.
[How many rings before you answer?] Depends on what the caller ID says
[Future daughter's name?] um...I have no idea...I'd rather have sons, but, um...something Irish, I'd imagine.
[Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?] yep. Stitch. Cute and Fluffy
[If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be] voice for Disney animated features.
[Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?] righty.
[Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?] I have since the 4th grade
[What's under your bed?] dust, and some flat storage bins
[Favorite sport to watch] football, if I must
[Did you have fun doing this?] It beats most other things, like picking my nose...

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