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from the "AARGH! Why do I frickin' bother" file

I just spent the last hour typing up my recounting of all that's happened in the last week, and then when I go to put a cut tag in, it goes poof! bye bye!

please, people, just tell me if I should bother to give you my side of things, or if you all just don't give a flying fuck and want to hate me in peace.

oh and Roolet, now that you know it was my mother that posted anonymously, much to my chagrin, and that Dan not only went and got an "Order of Protection" but had the police serve it to me because he's a fucking coward and thought I'd get violent, the fact notwithstanding that I 1. informed him I was coming down, which I didn't have to do and 2. told him repeatedly in my unreturned messages that I just wanted to talk, will you at least unblock me and return me to your friends list? I think Katrina would be most upset that everyone's ganging up on daddy to the point where he tried to use her account to post a reply, only to discover that the mutually agreed upon password had been changed.


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