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Therapy is expensive, poppin' bubble wrap is cheap! You choose.

So, first therapy session went reasonably well. Looks like it's gonna be once a week for 3 OR 4 MONTHS! Aargh! I don't wanna stay here 3 or 4 months! That means I've gotta move all my shit up here! And find a place to put it. And then move it all back down to Chicago eventually.

Oy. See what you went and did, Dan? You don't like it when other people try to change you, but you seem to be fine with making others change! :)

S'ok. I'll live. I'll get a job here (so I can afford to pay $80 per hour of therapy) for a little bit, then I'll move back down to Chicago. Oy. I'm not liking this "moving all my crap" crap, though.

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