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up early to shovel snow. Especially since I slept from about noon yesterday til 5am today...

OK, so I must get caught up.

Chicago, get ready to shovel out. You've got snow for your birthday present.

Roolet. Hope your show went well. I wanted to reply "Corky we love you! Corky we want you to live!" but couldn't.

Ren. Sorry i didn't call yesterday. I was schleepin'.

Bacon. Would it help to say I'm sorry? And that I'm not mad? And that I'm not looking forward to March 21 for my first opportunity to talk with you?

FlySkippy. Hope the snowballs didn't get in your computer.

Scott. How'd the Hebraic audition go?

and me? I've got a cold sore. It's obnoxious. but Abreva costs $12. So I'm using some crap called Herpecin and Zilactin.

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