Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

I honestly feel like a prisoner here. I have no way to get anywhere without mom's car (and since it's a stick shift, I can't drive it, don't know how), the only person I can talk to around here is Renee, I've been going through books like they're going out of style, there's no TV reception, I don't have any of my computer games to play, and I'm smoking way too much. Mom nags me about everything. I don't want to have to stay here for 3 or 4 months for therapy. I've been here all of a week and a half, and I'm going crazy. Everything has been bugging me today. I'm going out of my gourd with boredom. I can't call up my friends and go have a beer, or coffee. I can't go downtown and job hunt. I can't apartment hunt. I'm just sitting here reading, and counting down til my next visit to the therapist. I wonder if Dan and Lisa and Cheryl and Kay realize how efficiently they've ruined my life.

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