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a bunny for your thoughts?

I've had bunnies on the brain lately...I noticed that the mini-lop is no longer listed in the paper here in Grafton...hope she went to a good home. :)

I let the dog out tonight, and noticed a little spattering of bunny pellets on the snow that remains in our backyard. I also spotted what I think were raccoon paw prints last night. Hee! Bunnies and raccoons! Yay!

I also neglected to mention that I bought a little plastic lop figure about a week ago. I came across it in a toy store when I was out with Ren, and thought of Katrina. Then I thought I might try painting it to look like her. Kinda overkill, my mind tells me, but it'd be so cute!

PS. Katrina, how's your mommy doing? Not too stressed from the show, I hope. Give her some bunny lovin' if she looks blue.

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